Welcome to Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild – Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Blog. The purpose of this sight is to share all the good things we have done and will be doing in the future. This is a special place to chat and post photos about fly fishing and fly tying.  I will be sharing photos that I have gathered over the last 14 years. We will also be sharing my thoughts and observations of how wonderful life can be in the world of Fly Fishing. So please join the fun and keep all posts on the positive so it is an uplifting place to visit. No Politics Please.



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  1. Hi: We are considering forming a “Flyting Guild”, here in Eugene. When you set-up yours what was the criteria to start the process. Were there guidelines you would share.

  2. Rodney: The easy and inexpensive way to start a Fly Tying Guild is to do what I did and start an IFFF Charter Club. It is easy and all the forms and information is on the IFFF web site.

    Your new Charter club would be in the Oregon Council. I would help the person you have as a secretary or the president get through the forms and By Laws. There is no dues to pay to the IFFF, the other big benefit is the IFFF staff does the taxes. The club will automatically be a 501-c3 non profit. Let me know if you want my help. I would be happy to assist.

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